Let’s talk about dry shampoos

In case you weren’t aware, I am currently a redhead.  Additionally, red hair color washes out of one’s hair extremely quickly.  When I haven’t had my hair colored in a while, it begins to slowly begins to fade out to brown.  Based on my research, this is related to the size of the red coloring particles.  They are larger than those of colors like browns and blacks, and as a result, they don’t penetrate as deeply in to the hair, making it so they come out relatively easily.  The time that red particles come out of color-treated hair is when the hair is washed.  Also, they’ll color your pillowcase if you sweat in your sleep (get dark pillowcases or start covering them with old t-shirts) and the color will also dye your clothes if you are out in the rain and your hair gets wet (don’t wear white coats!).  As such, the most effective way to prevent the fading of red haircolor (besides futzing around with color depositing products) is to reduce the occurrence of times it gets wet and is washed!  

Sounds icky, right?  It’s not. BUT… if your hair type is like mine- that is, straight, flat, and fine- you probably end up with super greasy looking hair by the time 24 hours has passed.  Which is totally what mine does.  In fact, even by the end of the day, my bangs are starting to get a little greasy and stick together where they touch my forehead.  It’s not exactly the freshest look.  

What a sexy beast I am.
So at the point that my hair doesn’t look shiny and fluffy and new anymore, I have 2 options.  
1) Wash my hair (and with it, some of the color)
2) Spray it with some dry shampoo (and not wash any of the color out)
In case you were wondering, I go with option 2 most of the time.  In addition to not washing out the color, the other benefits of using dry shampoo are that I am not stripping the oils out of my hair or heat processing it with the blow dryer every day(both of which cause damage to the hair, resulting in frizz, split ends, etc),  I also save time in the shower, reducing my total water and energy consumption, and save time by not blow drying it.  Hair that’s on day 2 or 3 of not being washed also has this pretty incredible texture to it.  My hair when it’s clean is naturally very slippery.  It doesn’t hold styles well and tends to look lame styled any way but “down.”  Hair with a little scalp oil, (and some dry shampoo) is far less slippery and has the ability to “grip” other hairs and holds up better in an updo.  So… Less damage, less time wasted, more eco-friendly, and the ability to hold styles better.  I am a fan.
Are you sold yet?  Maybe, but not sure how this mastery of chemistry works?  Most dry shampoos are essentially talc or a similarly fine powder.  It sticks to oily hair and absorbs the grease.  It comes in 2 forms – aerosol, and in a little pot.  The little pot has to be sprinkled or dusted onto your hair.  Frankly, I just can’t bring myself to fuss with it that much.  The aerosol you just spray onto the parts of your hair that are looking funky (I generally only do my hairline and part), let it sit for a couple moments, and then rub and brush it through.  Your hair isn’t going to look totally fresh and new, but it’s going to look pretty good, and it won’t be greasy.  It does go from being glossy and shiny (just at the roots) to a slightly more matte look.  But there are a wide variety of dry shampoos out there, and wildly varying price points.  I have primarily stuck with cheaper options out of fear that I’ll find something that is incredible that costs $40 or something.  I try to only buy products that I wouldn’t mind paying for habitually.
Here’s what I’ve tried so far, with current Amazon prices
Batiste Dry Shampoo, Deep & Dark Brown $9.15
Batiste Dry Shampoo, Cherry $8.79

Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo $12.99
Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo $24.97
Garnier Fructis Volume Extend Instant Bodifier Dry Shampoo $4.49
L’Oreal Everstyle Energizing Dry Shampoo $5.67
an assortment of dry shampoos
And my rundown on each of them:
Batiste Dry Shampoo, Deep & Dark Brown $9.15
This was the first one I tried.  It seemed to work fine, but I found that after using it most days for a week, my bathroom was covered with a fine layer of black/brown dust.  It was summer, so I switched to going outside on my deck to spray my hair, using the sliding glass door as a mirror.  It worked fine, but seemed like a hassle.  I had initially hoped that it would help blend my roots into the colored portions of my hair, but it didn’t.
Batiste Dry Shampoo, Cherry $8.79
Smells like cherries. Well, fake cherries. Goes on must like the brown Batiste shampoo, but isn’t tinted.  It didn’t make my hair look grey or anything, it worked fine.  After trying a few others, I found that the particles of talc (or whatever it is they used) are a little bigger than some of the other options.  It works fine, and has the benefit of being available practically everywhere.

Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo $12.99
A friend got this in a sale bin for $7.50.  It sucks as a dry shampoo.  It just doesn’t absorb enough oil. It does however do an incredible job at holding hair in a way that hairspray does not.  It doesn’t get crunchy, it just somehow holds hair together and in the shape you want to to be magically.  I have actually been meaning to get more, as it was seriously the best thing ever for holding my sideswept bangs where I want them.
Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo $24.97
This is essentially the same product as the the Batiste stuff with a slightly less in-your-face scent.  Oh, and it costs three times as much.  It’s highly rated, but I’m not sure why.  It works fine, but is definitely not a front runner, and at twice the price of any of the other contenders, I wouldn’t even say that it’s better than any of them.  Personally, I’d pass on this unless you can get it for under $15.
Garnier Fructis Volume Extend Instant Bodifier Dry Shampoo $4.49
This works well.  The particle size is smaller than the Batiste and the Amika, yet it works at least as well. I have used a few other Garnier Fructis products before, and they all have a similar smell to them.  It’s not exactly offputting, but I find something about it mildly unpleasant.  The fragrance is strong enough that 5 minutes later, I was getting random wiffs of it and trying to figure out where the smell was coming from.  Overall, I would probably buy it again if I couldn’t find the L’Oreal product, but it’s not a preferred item, due ONLY to the smell.
L’Oreal Everstyle Energizing Dry Shampoo $5.67
This stuff is great.  Also heavily scented, which is a little obnoxious, but the smell isn’t unpleasant to me, so it’s just slight negative.  Fine particles, doesn’t need to be rubbed in that much.  Has a similar quality of giving my floopy hairs structure like the Big Sexy Hair stuff, but not to the same extent.  And it’s also super cheap.  Works like a champ.
Using dry shampoo, I am able to extend the time between washes to 3-4 days.  That gives me 2 washes per week, and about 8 weeks between colorings, so I only have to wash and dry my hair about 16 times between color appointments.  That keeps my red bright and beautiful and allows me to be extraordinarily lazy

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