Birthday Cake Booze Balls

I really tried to come up with a more elegant name for these, but this is what happened.

Birthday cake booze balls

After a recent conversation with someone wanting birthday cake flavored caramels (I have no idea how to make this happen, unfortunately) I spent some time researching what the flavor combination of “birthday cake” is, unsuccessfully.  But I did find out that Oreo makes a birthday cake flavor, and even though they have to be purchased on Amazon (I couldn’t find them locally) they’re not any more expensive than regular Oreos at the grocery store.  So there’s that.  I have this recipe for midnight chocolate bourbon balls (I have not yet shared this, but it’s on the list) which use normal Oreos as the base, so adapting this for a different flavor profile was easy enough.

I spent some time trying to decide what the right liquor was for these, and I went with the obvious choice, the cheapest birthday cake flavored vodka I could find (and yes, there are multiple companies that produce this flavor obscenity, which is incidentally incredible mixed with some fresh squeezed meyer lemon juice).  I did a test batch, and decided that they’d have better depth of flavor with half bourbon and half birthday cake vodka, so that’s what I went with for batch #2.

Birthday Cake Booze Balls (Makes 35)

1x 15.25oz package birthday cake Oreos
1/2 cup powdered confectioners sugar (plus 1/2 cup+ for rolling)
2 tablespoons corn syrup
4-8 tablespoons combination of liquors

*Empty your Oreos into a food processor, and pulse until they’re uniform in texture.
*Pour out into a bowl, and top with powdered sugar.  Mix in until fairly uniform.
*Add corn syrup (this holds them together) and mix until fairly uniform.
*Pour in 1/2 your booze. Stir.  You don’t want your mixture to be wet.
*Add in liquor a little at a time until you get a texture similar to cookie dough.
*Scoop out portions (I think I used a 1/2 oz disher scoop this year, but in the past, I’ve used 2 teaspoons) and drop them into a bowl of remaining powdered sugar.  Roll them around, pick up and roll between your hands to adhere powdered sugar and make them more evenly round.
*Set on a sheet pan or something that can be covered (they probably won’t stick together, so if you’re ok with strange shaped ones, you can stick them all in one big container on top of each other)
*Cover, hide, and let cure for 4+ days.  During this time the flavor will mellow and they will firm up a little.  I have to stash these in our spare bedroom so Craig doesn’t eat all of them before they’re cured.
*No need to bake, just enjoy!

Birthday Cake Booze Balls

Birthday Cake Booze Balls

Birthday Cake Booze Balls

Birthday Cake Booze Balls

Birthday Cake Booze Balls

Birthday Cake Booze Balls

Birthday Cake Booze Balls

Birthday Cake Booze Balls

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