I make pretty cakes

I mean, not always.  But most of the time, I can usually pull it together enough to assemble a presentable cake.  I will be honest though, sometimes, a pretty cake actually isn’t.  I ran across these photos from Craig’s grandmother’s birthday this summer.  I had intended to make a double layered lemon and raspberry cake, and had a last-minute request for chocolate.  The cake, while a little… err…. unconventional, was universally well-received.

 As a result of layer reshuffling, guest list, questionable weather forecasts, and poor time management, I ended up with too few evenly baked layers of lemon cake, and had to do what Craig’s aunt referred to as “corrective icing.”  We all had a good laugh when it was cut open!

A few weeks later, we brought cupcakes to Craig’s coworker’s bbq.  I had been meaning to experiment with a few new ideas and old recipes (I find that sometimes something that I thought was good a few years ago is a lot less impressive as my tastes evolve, I am a snob), so I made a few different options.

Those options were:
*My standard chocolate (of course), hollowed out, filled with dulce de leche, and a creamy milk-chocolate egg white buttercream
*An oldy (but with some tweaking, still a goody) Orange cupcake, filled with (an experimental but effective recipe for) creamy orange curd, and half-and-half orange and vanilla bean mousseline buttercream.  I also experimented with using frosting plugs inside my piping bag with great success for this one.
*Heavily modified version of my strawberry rhubarb cupcakes adjusted to take peach puree and peach chunks (it all tasted pretty peachy), with a mascarpone whipped cream stabilized with some instant vanilla pudding, garnished with peach slices, so people know what the flavor is.  
The cupcakes were very pretty.  And they all held up to the hot weather.  It was a success.
My next foray into cupcakes will be making them for a baby shower that my friend is throwing.  We’re doing (chocolate again) cupcakes with a pink raspberry buttercream, and meyer lemon cupcakes with a meyer lemon curd and yellow meyer lemon buttercream.  They should be tasty.

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