I got to check out one of those crazy windmills up close, and it was enormous.

Like seemingly everything in the windy plains of North-central Oregon, the windmills are huge too.  I have had a strange fascination with these since they started popping up in Eastern Washington. Having a sense that they were pretty big but without being able to get appreciably close to them from the road, I wasn’t able to truly grasp their enormity, kind of like a glacier from a cruise ship.  When our friend invited us to his parents’ farm, I didn’t know that they had many windmills situated within reach!  But when we were invited to go on the “farm tour,” I jumped at the opportunity to get up close and personal with one of those behemoths.

Now I haven’t been able to get any specific and verifiable information on the exact windmill that I got to check out, but what I heard from our friend’s dad is that the windmill body and stand is 300 feet tall, and each of the blades is 100 feet long, so at their tallest, the windmills run about 400 feet high.  The blades are computer controlled and when there is too much power output in the area, not enough need among consumers, or the winds are too high, the blades can be rotated 90 degrees so that they don’t catch the wind and turn the generator.

Now for some scale – the nose cones are apparently tall enough for someone to stand inside.

Oh, and they’re freaking everywhere.

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