For the last several months, I’ve been sitting on an exercise ball, and it is fantastic!

For real. A few years ago, I got in a car accident that left my neck and upper back pretty messed up.  With regular (monthly) chiropractic visits, I’ve been able to maintain a relatively pain-free existence with maintenance, but it gets expensive, and who wouldn’t like to live pain-free without regular office visits?  When my coworker got an excercise ball to sit on, she let me borrow it for a day, and I was sold.  I figured it would just be good for my balance, core strength, and be fun (I thoroughly enjoy bouncing around on it).  But I experienced the added benefit of less neck stiffness and pain!  I got crazy busy and just couldn’t make a trip to the chiropractor work several months ago, and intended to reschedule when things slowed down, but I have felt so great, I don’t want to monkey with what has been working!

The ball was $20 on Amazon. I am very happy with my choice.  My coworker has a different ball and seems equally pleased.  I honestly don’t think it matters much, as long as the ball is not a huge pile of junk.

And for your viewing pleasure:

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