Vagina Shaped Pasta

Yes, I made it.  And surprisingly enough, it was on accident.  I made a batch of beet pasta over the weekend, and filled it with herbed chevre.  A couple days prior, I had run across a post discussing various shapes of filled pasta (past the standard tortellini and ravioli) and found something called tortelli.  Intrigued, I looked into it further and found a blog post with a video showing how to make it.   The author’s tortelli looked like a beautiful little braid and I wanted to make some of those.  I did not make the obvious connection between the pinkish color of beet pasta and the shape, however.

beet tortelli vagina pasta

So I made one.  And I was immediately struck by it’s similarity to a certain part of a woman’s anatomy.

I switched over to ravioli and tortellini for the remainder of the pasta.

chevre filled beet pasta

Everything went into the freezer til we were ready to eat.  I boiled off the pasta for dinner last night, to find that when the color of the beet lightens up in the pasta water, the whole vagina look becomes much more evident.

vagina shaped pasta
Maybe I’ll have better luck with standard-colored pasta and some practice.

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