Sausage McMuffins w/ Egg & Avocado

I was a hungry hungry hippo yesterday morning.  Luckily, I had a great many things to eat.  I pulled a roll of pork breakfast sausage out of the freezer a few days ago, and it had defrosted just enough to slice and fry up.  I also had roasted some sweet potato rounds that night before, so I decided to make breakfast sandwiches, patterned after the sausage mcmuffin with egg.  Except, you know, made from actual food.

Paleo Sausage McMuffins w/ Egg & Avocado
6 sweet potato rounds, salted & roasted in avocado oil
3 pork sausage patties
2 eggs, scrambled and turned into 3 “patties”
3 blobs of avocado (mine was mixed with lime juice and kosher salt)


paleo sausage mcmuffin w/ egg and avocado

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