What I ate yesterday – Whole30 Day 2 recap

Today was essentially the same breakfast as yesterday.  2 slices of bacon, a cup of organic tea, 3 eggs (instead of yesterday’s 2, I was pretty hungry by lunch), and a few ounces of unsweetened cranberry juice mixed with carbonated water.
whole30 day 2 breakfast

While I watched the news this morning, I peeled all of the big hunks of fat and gelatin bits off the pork shoulder chunks in preparation for tonight’s pork carnitas.  Now all I need to do is toss it in a pan with some avocado oil to crisp up, zip together the lime aioli, and make our taco lettuce boat things.  Easy peasy.

cleaning sous vide pork carnitas

And while I let the dogs out to pee, I checked out the zucchini situation.  Looks like we’ll have some mature ones next week!  The Buckingham Patio Zucchini (that’s actually what it’s called, lol) has a few yellow beauties in a similar state that I look forward to sauteeing shortly.

baby zucchini

Lunch was a bit of a let down.  I thought I had more of the really good fancy tuna at work, but it turns out, I just had a can of Chicken of the Sea, which has a lot more than tuna + salt, but it was either that or some sort of deli chicken, which undoubtedly would have all sorts of additional stuff in whatever brine or rub they used.  Tuna cooked in a little vegetable broth (containing soy) is the least of my worries, really.  Anyway, that and some more watermelon.

Whole30 day 2 lunch - tuna & pickles with hot sauce

Whole30 day 2 snack - watermelon

Dinner was pork carnitas.  I took the hunks of pork that we had left after peeling the big chunks of fat and gelatin out, and tossed them in a skillet with a little avocado oil.  Then I let them crisp over medium-low heat until everything else came together and I was too famished to wait any longer.  While I let the pork crisp up, I whipped up a batch of lime aioli – basically making a mayonnaise out of the avocado oil, but instead of lemon juice, lime juice, and a grated clove of garlic inside.  It was delicious, and made these lettuce tacos feel rich.

Whole30 day 2 dinner - pork carnitas lettuce tacos w/ pico & lime aioli

After dinner, I was still a little hungry (this seems to be a theme for me!) so I peeled and sliced up a sweet potato and sauteed it in the leftover pork-avocado oil, then dipped it in some leftover lime aioli.  It was delicious.  Craig ate half.

making bacon

While the sweet potato was “going”, I got to curing my bacon.  It was too big to fit into a single gallon ziploc and I didn’t have two gallon ones, so I cut it in half and cured each one separately in gallon bags.  Since I’m planning on smoking this, my cure did contain some pink salt (nitrates) however the sugar content was cut down significantly, and I don’t expect that the bacon will read as “sweet” at all.  Additional spices were black pepper, rosemary, and crushed garlic cloves. It’ll spend 5-7 days in the fridge curing, then I’ll rinse & dry it, and smoke it on the weber for an hour or so to give it that classical bacon flavor.

making bacon

making bacon

A progress report – we have both been hungrier than normal, I suspect this is a result of either not enough fat, or not enough veggies.  Either way, I pulled out my reserve pound of ground beef from the freezer to make another batch of the broccoli slaw beef burrito bowls (we have enough extra ingredients to make a close approximation of the recipe), and a pack of Columbus deli herb roasted turkey.  I just looked up the ingredients and they contain brown sugar. We are not doing a great job of totally cutting the sugar out of our diet.  I expect that I will be more diligent about finding sugars in things when we’re not starving!

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