The ducks are becoming tiny little dinosaurs

But seriously.  I’m not really sure they’re ducklings anymore.  Their real feathers are coming in and they’re starting to look super creepy.  I’ve also found that they love eating kale.  Like, a lot.  And weeds. Additionally, I am equal parts horrified and impressed by how quickly the five of them can foul a 125 gallon pool.  It gets bad enough after 3 days that they won’t go into it.  For now, we’re just filling it halfway, which makes dumping and refilling every few days a great deal less painful.

ducks eating kale

ducks eating kale

ducks eating kale

ducks eating kale

ducks eating kale

The black and white one is still my favorite, and I am still worrying that it’s a boy.  I can’t kill the males soon enough. I am starting to get attached.  They are going to bed in their house every night, without my prompting.  They also seem interested in the dogs, however Boris tried challenging me for the one I was holding last night.  It didn’t end well for him.  They will eat the kale out of my hands, so I think we’re getting closer to them not scrambling when I go to pick them up.  We aren’t quite there yet.

And a video of them swimming/eating.  This is 1 day worth of poop in their pond.

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