Duckingham Palace is habitable!

I conned my father in law into coming over and helping us make a final push towards getting Duckingham Palace safe for the ducks. This included moving the ceiling joists, building doors, and putting up the “belting” where the large holed wire meets the small holed wire.  He got that and more done!  They also installed the valve on the pond outlet so it will hold water, and we put the ducks in their enclosure.  I still have a little bit of grading to do, both inside and outside the pen, and we need to get the upright boards stained for the remaining 2/3s of the enclosure and then install them.  Just little things right now that aren’t affecting the quality of life of the duckies. My biggest project right now is excavating a bigger drainage hole for this duck pond water.  After 5 days, it has begun getting a little rank.

duck enclosure

duck enclosure

duck enclosure

the duck house

ducks enjoying a swim in their pond

door stop for duck enclosure

welded wire over the top of a duck enclosure

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