And we have ducklings!

I am a solid week late on this update.  We bought our ducklings 7 full days ago.  They are fucking hilarious.  The woman we bought them from (they were $5 each, if you’re curious what ducklings go for) had done a pretty incredible job of taming them, despite having the moms overseeing their upbringing.  The batch we got was 2x 6 week old ducklings, and 3x 4 week old ducklings.  The size difference is really only 2 weeks of growth.  Ducks grow like weeds!  Since we can’t yet tell which ducklings are going to end up being males, and which ones are going to end up being females, I’m giving them ALL female names, then as they begin showing signs of being male, change the males names to foods.  So far, their names are Allison, Ina, Audrey, Martha, and Katniss.  Katniss had her name changed.  She was Marilyn initially, but once I saw how adept she is at both hunting flies, and evading my capture, she got the name of the famous huntress from Hunger Games.  And no, I’m not super into that movie.  All of this first group of photos is day 1.  The dogs WANT to eat the ducklings.

Also, videos.  I am not generally the kind of person who appreciates videos on blogs, so please feel free not to watch them.  But if you are, and ducklings are hilarious, watch them making funny noises while they drink water, and then go for a swim.

They are seriously ridiculousness.  The little one with the black markings on her back is named Allison, and I expected to like her best, but the big one with the markings on her back (named Audrey) has proven to be my favorite so far.  She has become the leader, pecks at the dogs through the wire.  Also, the black feathers that are coming in on her tail and teen tiny little wings are an incredible green iridescent.  I am hoping that she’s not a boy, but I fear that she may be the first to get a food name.  If that’s the case, she’ll be a l’orange.
3 days later, we got them in the actual enclosure after finishing the doors and installing wire fencing over the top to prevent air-attack.  They were already much larger.  These suckers grow like weeds!  

They go everywhere together.  They do this ridiculous thing where they hang out in the pond for like an hour, then they all get out, sprint to the food, decide they’re done eating collectively, sprint to the pond, hop in, lather rinse repeat.  They do this ALL DAY.  It’s so ridiculous!  And I have been keeping a heating pad in their house and turning it on during the night.  The first few nights, I have locked them in there, but now they have begun going inside on their own, which is kind of great. It’s something that I was hoping to get them to do, but wasn’t sure how the execution of that would work out.

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