We are on the home stretch of the duck project

I still haven’t gotten the pond up and running.  And by up and running, I mean gluing the valve onto the end of the drain pipe.  That is literally all it needs to hold water.  Unfortunately, I went out there with part of my plumbing fitting assortment, put teflon tape on the threads, tightened everything down, then realized that I put the wrong fittings on the fucking valve.  And the best part is that I can’t get them off.  I am a weakling, and I can’t find a strap wrench the right size.  I have also not told Craig this, so I’m sure when he reads this, he’ll give me a hard time, then maybe help me get them off and I can try again with the right fittings. Damn it, Laurel!

Ok.  So I had to use a week of vacation before I lost it at the end of the month, so I took the week off and decided to put some effort into the duck pen and finally FINISH IT.  I haven’t entirely finished it, but I have done everything that I am capable of doing on my own.  When Craig winds down after the match he is going to this weekend, hopefully he can get together with his buddy and move the roof supports (so I can put the “lid” of more welded wire fencing on the pen), and build my 2 doors (one of the 4 foot openings is going to have 2x 2ft wide doors) so I can put the wire on them as well.  That’ll make it predator resistant.  I am hesitant to call it predator proof before we have any evidence of anything trying to get inside.  Either way, once those things are done, all we need to do is carry the dog house inside and put it on the already leveled area and get some food. I can take my time making the auto filling waterer and getting the pond filled (however this is literally a 10 minute fix once I get the fucking fittings off the valve) as they are not essential to the short term health and well-being of the duckies. We will also need to get up the outer fascia (sandwiching the wire fencing between the posts and it) and cross-supports.  Those probably need to be done before the ducks move in, I hear they tend to be skittish, and loud hammering/screwing/tons of strangers probably isn’t the ideal way to make friends/encourage egg laying.  Luckily, I have already stained most of the lumber that’s going up, so it’ll be pretty plug and play.

Regardless… Here’s what I got done on the duck enclosure this week….  I finished adding the fencing to the rest of the walls.  It is also buried to prevent digging predators.  I dug out and levelled the flat area in front of the duck enclosure.  Its dimensions are approximately 4×16.  This gives me a nice little “patio” to keep bins of food, some sort of straw bale storage solution that I still haven’t worked out, and maybe a little adirondack chair to chill in and watch the ducks hang out. It also gives the doors a flat area to swing open, and looks nice.  We lucked out and my in-laws had some really fancy retaining wall blocks leftover from a project that they gave to us for another much larger future project, so I stole some of them to build a retaining wall around the patio area. They look way nicer than the rocks that I was planning on using.

Digging on this portion of the project took probably 5 hours, plus an additional 2 hours of carrying 80lb blocks, setting, and leveling them.  My body hurts.  My arms are all scratched up from carrying the blocks, I got a sweet sunburn, and I have several mystery bug bites (even one in the middle of my back…) that I don’t entirely understand.  But you know what?  It feels damn good knowing that we are really getting much closer to being done!  I’d love to be the slavedriver wife and make Craig just get his portion of the project completed, but he has been reloading every night trying to prepare for a match this weekend, and I’m not quite in all out shrew mode yet.

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