Helo has been shedding

Fairly lightly for the last few months.  This is not consistent with the all-out coat blow that he did the first year or so that we owned him, but according to my research, it’s not uncommon for malamutes to shed more gradually as they get older.  Regardless, it’s been obnoxious.  And I’ve been patiently waiting for things to thin out a bit before I gave him a bath.  But the situation hasn’t resolved itself, so, knowing we’d have a few days of nice hot weather to look forward to (he takes a full 24 hours to dry fully), I just did it.  And then we went to a friend’s house for 4 hours or so.  And when we returned… there was hair everywhere.  Even after owning malamutes for this long, it was the most surprising amount of hair I’ve ever seen.  And his fur was falling out.  Not in mats, but in smears.  He would walk by you and leave a full handful stuck to your pants. The best part of this is the near constant fight that we’ve been having about brushing?  Over.  He was very itchy after the bath (this is normal, and not indicative of poor rinsing, he just doesn’t like being wet/clean), so he let me go to town on brushing him.  We were able to forego the usual antics of him running away, hiding under the coffee table, standing coyly out of my reach, flopping around like a toddler on a sugar high, booping me, snarling, groaning, whining, grumbling, and trying to fit my whole hand (with the brush) in his mouth while also vocalizing, and get straight down to business.  Some spots even felt so good he did the leg shaky thing when I went over them.  As is evidenced in the photo, he is still quite fluffy.  He has a lot more fur to go, but this is what accumulated on the floor over the course of the 30 hours post-bath.

shedding malamute

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