Sous Vide Steak

As is my way, I obsess about things. I will get on a kick and not be able to relax until I have exhausted all possibilities or options, or until I am happy with the results.  I was using my sous vide temperature controller  pretty regularly when I initially got it, but then got sick of having the big and ugly crock pot out on the counter with a tangled mass of power cords and temperature probes.  So the crock pot went into a cabinet, and the DSV temp controller went into a drawer, and I forgot about them for a few months.  I’ve been reading a lot of stuff over at Serious Eats, a kind of techy food blog over the last week or so, and when I started reading some of their posts on sous vide stuff, I got the bug again.  I have a whole plan for the next couple weeks in terms of cooking everything I can find in a temp controlled water bath.  After craving steak for a couple weeks, we decided to kick off the sous vide cookery in style, by creating gems of perfect medium-rare awesomeness.  Grass-fed be damned this time, I wanted something incredible and well-marbled.  Unfortunately, that’s not what you generally get from grassfed.  So we headed to costco, and got a family pack of prime top sirloin for $25.  After a quick run-over with some kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper, it was time to vac pack the steaks.

vacuum packing steak

We were cooking for 4, so the 2 little extra steaks got put into their own baggy, sealed, and tossed in the freezer for the future.
vacuum packed steak
Then we sealed up the other steaks, and got them going in the crock pot with temp controller.
vacuum packed steak

cooking vacuum packed steak sous vide using Dork Sous Vide temp controller
At this point in the cooking process, we had to head over to a friend’s house.  We were watching a soccer match and grilling later in the afternoon, so we took most of the water out of the crock pot, packed everything up, brought it over, microwaved some water to 130, and let it sit til we were ready to eat.
oiled brussels sprouts, ready for the grill
We also had some brussels sprouts that we cleaned and drizzled with olive oil, then hit with salt and pepper.  Unfortunately, we trusted the menfolk to manage them while we went on a beer run, and upon our return, found some slightly blackened sprouts.  
perfect medium rare sous vide steak

perfect medium rare sous vide steak

Come steak time, we just tossed them on the grill for a few moments to get some grill marks.  I think in the future, searing them in a screaming hot cast iron skillet would probably result in a much nicer crust, but this was a pretty successful first experiment.
And plated up…. Nothing but class here.  Love me some tots.
perfect medium rare sous vide steak with tots and burned brussels sprouts

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