Sprouted Kidney Beans – it really is that easy

Ok, so there’s a lot of hullabaloo about the healthiness of legumes.  Based on my internet research, the argument against legumes is that they’re starchy, and contain phytic acid, which affects your body’s ability to absorb the nutrients inside.  For me, the reason for eating them is that they’re very cheap, delicious, high in fiber, contain protein, and low effort to cook.  While we don’t usually eat large quantities of beans as a result of the carb and overall calorie content, sometimes it’s nice to have them!  And when I was shopping at Costco earlier this week, I was hungry, so I got a 25lb bag of dried kidney beans for somewhere in the neighborhood of $18.  Knowing that we have a taco night coming up with friends in a few days, I figured I’d soak and sprout some beans, and we could have those with our experimental tacos (there may be more on that at a later date).

25lbs of kidney beans

Aren’t beans just so gorgeous!  Goodness!

dried kidney beans

Anyway, here’s the recipe… get some beans, cover them with lots of water.  Leave.

soaking beans

Come back several hours later.  For me, it was closer to 10 hours.  I started soaking them when I went to work in the morning, then drained them when I came home.  You basically want to rinse and drain them a couple times a day after that. For me, that’s when I get up, and when I get home from work.  I’ve had beans take 3-5 days til they begin to sprout(rinsing twice daily), and some take under 24 hours.  It has been warm the last few days, in the 80s, so I assume that’s why these sprouted so fast.  Plus, fresher beans, faster sprouting.  Costco has high turnover, so I assume the beans are fairly fresh.  Who knows.

This morning, 24 hours after the soaking took place, I had sprouts forming.  Based on my research, a sprouted bean has a much higher vitamin C content (a couple oz of beans a couple times a week can apparently cure scurvy, more effective than lemon juice), also you get increases in bioavailable B, C, E, and A vitamins. The enzymes that develop also help make the beans more digestible, resulting in far less gas after you eat them, and phytase breaks down the phytic acid (the one that affects your ability to absorb certain nutrients).  Basically, the nutritional breakdown of the bean begins changing from a bean/seed to a plant.

sprouted beans

Here the beans are this morning.  I rinsed them and I’m gonna let them go til either tonight, or tomorrow morning, then either refrigerate to slow down the sprouting, or cook them with a small slab of ham, some onion, garlic, and celery, and turn them into some incredible beans for burrito bowls.

sprouted beans

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