Buffalo Tofu Lettuce Wraps

Alrighty folks…. this is it.  The ultimate “healthy” meal.  It is vegan, carb free, and loosely paleo.  The reasoning behind paleo avoiding legumes, in addition to the generally pretty high levels of carbohydrates, is that unsprouted legumes and whole grains contain “antinutrients.”  I’m not going to get into lots of science here, but antinutrients basically inhibit your body’s ability to absorb certain nutrients.  Sprouting legumes and whole grains not only helps to nullify the antinutritional properties, it also reduces the carbohydrate content in them, as the chemical process of sprouting makes the seed convert the carbohydrate energy into growth.  Regardless, Wildwood brand (which can be gotten at Fred Meyer as well as many other retailers) has zero net carbs.  And a 15oz package contains about 400 calories.  So there you are.  I’ve been having a mad hankering for buffalo wings for weeks now, but we haven’t made it to my “spot” for wings lately, so I’ve been just putting Frank’s Red Hot on everything. Not quite as satisfying as wings, but it’s pretty much just vinegar, chiles, and salt, so whatever, it helps tide me over until we make it to get a few wings.

OK, so here’s how it goes.  Get your tofu out, drain it, then wrap it in either a clean kitchen towel, or a few layers of paper towels, put something heavy and flat on top, and let it drain for an hour or so (if you’re patient enough for that).  Then cut it into cubes.

Your next step is to heat up some neutral, “healthy” oil in a nonstick pan.  I used sunflower oil.  Then put half your tofu in, and let it cook on medium heat until the first side begins to become golden (this takes a little while).  Then turn each cube, and let it continue cooking.  Each batch takes 20 minutes or so, but it’s almost entirely hands-off time, so it’s not really what I’d consider a time-intensive recipe.

fried tofu cubes

When the tofu is sufficiently crisp, put it in a bowl (or huge yogurt container) and drench it in Frank’s Red Hot.  Shake it around until it’s coated.

buffalo tofu

Then I just stuck them in some little romaine hearts, and ate them as little lettuce boat things!

buffalo tofu lettuce wraps

If dairy isn’t a problem for you, either add a little strained, grassfed yogurt, or a little crumble of bleu cheese!

buffalo tofu lettuce wraps

The main thing that I love about these , besides them being organic, fairly low calorie for what they are, and generally something that I have the stuff to make any day of the week, so it’s any easy enough thing to throw together when I haven’t made a dinner plan.

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