A fun way to say "I love you."

I am the last person to be giving marriage or relationship advice.  I recognize that, yet I still feel compelled to share one of the ways that Craig and I do to let each other know that we’re thinking about the other one.  We love to make the other one laugh. It started off by taking photos of the TV screen when we paused something and a character was making a funny face, then texting that photo to each other.  Then it expanded into sending funny pictures we’d find online.  It’s kind of like a really weird version of emojis.  Sometimes Craig will be sitting on the sofa and I’ll be cooking dinner and he’ll send me one.  Then we make eye contact and both break out into laughter.  Kind of silly, but sending and receiving these little images throughout the day makes me smile, and I am always on the lookout for something new and crazy.

Here, for your viewing pleasure.

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