And we have made some real progress on the duck pond

The pond has been a big point with me.  I wanted it to look less like a big blue kiddie pool, and more like something at least mildly resembling natural.  With that in mind, we got a black preformed pond liner, went to the trouble of painstakingly reinforcing it, then installed a large shower drain in the bottom, capable of dealing with many of the strange things that ducks have a tendency to carry into ponds.  A few days ago, the sealant had cured enough that I could go outside and get started setting it into the ground.  I got it positioned, and then got the plumbing glued before we had to leave for the afternoon.  Then it started raining, and I spent a few hours outside last night during a break in the weather in an attempt to get it fully supported (a pond liner that isn’t supported along the bottom/sides has a tendency to crack, and I am NOT interested in dealing with all of this pond drama again, so we gotta take care of it!).  It was a mess, to say the least.  I was on my hands and knees in wet sand trying to jam as much under the bottom of the pond liner as possible.  I think I did a pretty good job, but it took a few hours worth of jamming, then watering it in, then letting things soak in, and starting over again.  I was COATED in sand. But I figured while I’m totally dirty, and I still have some light available, I might as well get some of the rocks in!  So I did.

In ground duck pond with drain

In ground duck pond with drain

In ground duck pond with drain

In ground duck pond with drain

Unfortunately, we had to go with a combination of basalt and river rocks.  The river rocks are better on the ducks feet, but I couldn’t get large enough ones to make a wall, plus they’re difficult to stack.  I was careful to ensure that no sharp edges would be around to scratch up their feet though, so that should be fine.  And I had a bunch of basalt in the yard that I was able to poach from various garden beds in addition to a small load that I picked up at the stone yard a few months ago.  I will be adding some extra rocks in the form of a very large rounded gravel to help “round things out”, but none of that will be happening until after the wire fencing goes up and I can finish ringing the pond with larger rocks.

Another small bit of progress is the duck house staining. I finished the body a couple weeks ago, but I stained the trim on Friday, and that really seemed to make the house feel a bit more “finished”.  Additionally, I used my dirty brush and stained a few of the extraneous boards that we’ll probably end up using on the enclosure, so we don’t have to stain them when they get installed.  Regardless, more photos.

freshly stained duckhouse

Hinged lid on doghouse/duckhouse

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