A little bit of progress on Duckingham Palace

The pond drain project has been a bit of a saga.  The preformed pond liners are made of HDPE (high density polyethylene) which is a plastic that is pretty much designed to be minimally reactive and not stick to anything, including glue, silicone, etc.  It’s the type of plastic that milk cartons, gas cans, and garbage cans are made of.  It makes a great pond liner as it repels water and is inexpensive to produce.  It makes a terrible surface to try to seal to though.  
Not counting on the used pond liner to be anything more than flimsy and flexible (it is extremely both of those things), I decided to sandwich the part of the liner that I’m drilling between 1/4″ sheets of polyethylene in  an attempt to add some rigidity to the surface that that we mount the drain on.  But I had to buy a special type of glue designed specifically for adhering to HDPE.  It has been a bit of a cluster, but we are trying to “overbuild” the drain portion to prevent too much leakage down the road.  I’m still not sure if this glue is going to be particularly effective in sealing the 3 layers of HDPE together, but at this point it’s the only option, and I am hesitant to try investing much more money into trying to make this work.  Either way, we will have some clamping from the shower drain that I got, so I am counting on leakage being minimal.  Craig is far more pessimistic, but here’s hoping I can prove him wrong!  Here’s the pond liner (curing)in an unused corner of the family room that has begun collecting various duck-related paraphernalia.
gluing sheets of HDPE to a pond liner

I also began excavation for the pond, however having it in the family room has made it a little difficult to effectively “fit” the hole to the pond, but I used the measuring tape and I think I properly situated the drain location.
excavating hole for preformed pond liner

excavating hole for preformed pond liner

excavating hole for preformed pond liner

As I’ve been digging, I’ve also started collecting rocks(and scavenging from other parts of the yard) to build up a small “retaining wall” around the downhill portion of the pond and lay around the pond to reduce mud.
rock collection

rock collection

If we get a break in the rain this week, I’ll get the tops of the posts cut off and start “framing” the ceiling portion of the pen so I can get the roofing installed before the wire goes up.

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