And we have broken ground on project duckway

I really am not sure why I made a project runway reference.  I have literally never seen the show.  I suspect the reference has a little to do with the fact that I am deliriously sick with the cold from hell.  Anyway.  Things needed to happen this weekend, despite the weather.  You see, the beginning phases of construction hinged on my father in law’s planning and visionary skills, and he will be out of town next weekend.  The following weekend I will be working, and the weekend after that, we have a rifle match.  So you see, if we didn’t accomplish the preliminary build this weekend, it would be a whole other month before I managed to force the guys in my life to build me this enclosure.  And I’m pretty sure I would have burst if I had to wait a whole other month before even being able to get started on the rest of the projects that will be necessary to prepare the space for the ducks.

I was so determined that we would be working on the duck pen this weekend, I was prepared to be Stalin-like in my whip snapping, but really, we all worked together and strangely enough, it was one of the most amicable projects that we have ever worked on.  I suppose because Craig is entirely ready for me to shut the hell up about the ducks already, and knows that the only way that’s going to happen will be to just build the damned thing and get it over with.  I’m totally OK with that.  I managed to also rope a friend into helping out with the whole ordeal.  We started out by laying out the holes for the pier blocks.  It turns out that laying out a square on an uneven slope based on a rickety wobbly old fence is an ineffective way to do so, and will result in needing to redig literally every hole that you already dug once.  There was a lot of digging. But after lots of measuring, math, calculations, me standing back and letting the men-folk do the figuring, discussions of final design choices, etc, we got the preliminary framing completed.

The next portion of this will be to drill the hole in my pond liner (this makes me very nervous) and install the drain, then dig a hole in the enclosure to sink the pond in the ground. Also, we need to install our “rafters” or whatever they’re called that will be used to support the roof and top netting.  After that, the entire outside needs to get excavated so that I can bury the wire fencing material in the ground to prevent jerkface raccoons and cats from digging under the fence and having duck snacks.  After that gets completed and the fencing is stapled onto the frame, we put the remaining horizontal pieces on (effectively sandwiching the wire between the uprights and horizontal pieces), start cross-bracing,and install doors.  Then it’s just a matter of getting the roofing up, grading, bringing in their house, installing the feeder and waterer, gathering supplies, and actually getting some dang ducks!

I’d have liked to have gotten a little more done, but we got totally rained out, and my nagging cough turned into something more akin to a moderately incapacitating cold, so I am taking a short break from digging and monkeying around in pouring rain.  So much for Stalin-like determination.  I think I’ll go look at some more videos of ducklings and blow my nose.

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