And the corner has been cleared

On Saturday, I got outside for a couple hours and dug up a plum tree and excavated a hole where I wanted to replant it, with the understanding that when Craig returned, he’d help me drag the tree to its new location and we’d be good.
moving a bunch of bushes and trees

But then it was really crappy on Saturday evening, so we decided to do it on Sunday.  So I was laying in bed on Sunday morning and totally revamped my whole plan.  We still needed to move the tree, but with it getting moved, it would be shading my lilacs, which aren’t particularly fond of shade.  So I decided to move the lilacs, and re-dig the (huge) hole for the tree, then move some of the shade-loving plants into a more protected zone.  Anyway, I ended up digging up 2 lilacs, 4 small bushes, a dogwood, and redigging the hole for and replanting the plum tree.  I also laid out a very loose interpretation of what the potential final layout will be, in order to have a better idea of how it will look in the space.  I stuck some old bamboo poles in the ground where the corners would be.  But they blend in with the sad brownish green of that corner and the rotting fence, so I superimposed some red lines to make it easier to imagine.

potential duck house layout

Also, I’ve been doing some reading on the duck forum (oh yes, there’s a duck forum) and I guess ducks have a tendency to get something called bumblefoot, which is basically an infection that they get in scrapes on their feet, and they require smooth stones, versus sharp concretey stones for most of their walking surface, so I started putting aside some of the bigger rocks that I ran into while digging, and have formed a bit of a collection.


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