In order to build the pen, we have to move a tree

So we did.  Well.  We will/I did.  Craig went to go watch the football game at a friend’s house.  I do not love football, and I wanted to get some progress towards the duck pen completed, so I dug up the big tree.  But it’s too heavy to move on my own.  So I dug a hold for where it’s going (like 10 feet away) and then promptly got rained out.  Which is kind of a bummer, because I had a 6′ lilac bush and a 4′ dogwood tree (plus a handful of dwarf pieris bushes) to move as well.  But hopefully this windstorm/torrential downpour thing will have lightened up tomorrow and we can get the tree replanted and move the other plants to make room to start laying out the pen and coming up with a game plan/materials list.
tree dug up

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