A few of my favorite things

I know that I have a tendency to be snarky, inconsiderate, and overly negative.  That’s how I roll.  But as a counterpoint to that, I also take great pleasure in some of the little things in life.  Here is a short list of a few that I thought of over the last few days.

When you’re listening to the right song, and you turn it up a few notches, and instantly feel your scalp tingle and get goosebumps

Shooting a stage and cleaning it

Driving in the dark with loud music

Singing along to a song that has tricky lyrics, and getting every word right

Perfectly cooked pork tenderloin


The first sip from a shot of espresso, and the crema that sticks to your top lip

Going to sleep exhausted

Coming up with a new cocktail recipe that is magnificent

Beating the really hard level of Candy Crush that you’ve been stuck on for a week

Cutting into a perfectly ripe avocado and not having and bad bits

Finding a recipe for something that you want to make, and realizing that you have all of the ingredients on hand already

Trying a new beer and having it instantly feel like something you should have been buying all along

The few weeks a year that costco carries boxes of meyer lemons, and the race to use of many of them as possible before they’re gone again

The first day in autumn where it’s foggy in the morning, then clear and just cool enough to wear a sweater

The first egg nog latte of the season

The first tomato of the year

The glow of christmas lights when all the other lights in the house are off

The smell of garlic roasting

Satsumas for $1/lb

Watching people at restaurants that are obviously on a first date

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