Fwew – I made it! Plus, it’s my birthday.

I managed to put out 32 posts in October.  One post every day, plus an extra,  you know, because I am an overachiever.  I don’t think that I will have it in me to generate that much content every month, but I have been enjoying the stream-of-consciousness type blogging I’ve done this month.  In that vein, here’s what is going on with me this weekend.

Tonight for my birthday, Craig and I are going to dinner at this restaurant near our house that we’ve never tried.  Interestingly enough, above the restaurant is a gorgeous wedding venue, where my brother-in-law got married.  The restaurant is highly-rated, and the menu looks good, so I am excited.  Plus, I have something called a Passport Card, that offers dining discounts at a lot of places, so we get a free entree.  Win.

I woke up this morning to a ton of emails (“Happy Birthday from this forum you haven’t visited in 7 years!”), one of them was my weekly “digest” email from chowhound, which is a cooking forum that I will binge on occasionally.  This week’s email included a photo that I took of my stand mixer a few years ago when I was trying to figure out what color it was. (It turns out it’s Seacrest Green.  A google image search for “Seacrest Green Kitchenaid” will show my mixer as the 2nd photo, NBD.)  That was kind of a fun surprise on my birthday!

screenshot of email
We have a rifle match this weekend in Eatonville.  It is going to be great.  Except for the rain and the cold, but I can deal with that.  I will probably shoot poorly, but Craig has identified something that I need to work on, that is not lifting my face up off the rifle each time I work the bolt.  It costs me time and is unnecessary now that my magazine issues have been cleared up.  I had to spend some time reloading last night, which I hated, but it’s done now, so there.
After the rifle match tomorrow, we are going to our favorite bar to watch the Sounders in a playoff game against Portland.  I am excited for hot wings and winter beer!  
I started feeding my sourdough starter again this morning.  By Sunday I should have a nice active, bubbly sponge, and will try again for some really good sour bread.  I know that I shouldn’t be eating that much flour, but I just want to get a solid method down so I can easily do this in the future!

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