Tipsy the MouseBearDog

Our friends are celebrating in New Orleans , so we are dogsitting for them.  They have this 10 year old black pooch called Tipsy.  She followed Adam home from the bars one night, and wouldn’t leave him alone, so he kept her.  She is the sweetest old dog you’ve ever met.  And funny.  She bites the vacuum when you run it, and hides from the hair dryer.

Tipsy, the mousebeardog

 Since our dogs eat raw chicken for most meals, we put Tipsy into the laundry room to give her her kibble. She has to be watched though, as that’s the room that the cat box is in, and if you’ve ever had dogs and cats, you will know that cat poo is a favorite delicacy of most canines.  So I will go and hang clothes or play games on my phone while she is in the laundry room for dinner.  But she won’t eat unless I sing to her.  It sounds totally ridiculous, and that’s because it is.  The even more ridiculous thing is that she has music preferences.  The 2 most notable things have been her dislike of Nirvana, and preference for Journey.  I have been putting pandora on and singing along to songs.  She won’t eat if I just play music, and if she’s eating and a Nirvana song comes on, she stops.  Skip it and she will start up again.  It usually takes a few minutes to get her to start eating, but if I sing Don’t Stop Believing, she will start eating almost immediately.  It’s so effective that I just keep singing the same 2-3 verses that I remember, and she will eat quickly and we will be done.  Very strange.  Anyhow,  this is Tipsy.

Also, Boris and Helo looking pathetic.  Boris is pretty stressed out that we have a new dog in the house.  lol

Boris and Helo, looking Pathetic

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