So the Outback is totalled.

My poor Subaru, Ellen, is going to car heaven.  I just signed the title over to my insurance company this morning.    I am not sure whether to feel relieved or dismayed.  Ever since I bought the car, I haven’t been particularly fond of it.  It’s just so… boring.  It did great in the snow when we had it, and hasn’t had any appreciable number of problems over the 2 years that we’ve had it, but I just haven’t found anything in particular that I found endearing about it.  The only reason I bought an outback was because I was unemployed when my Audi got hit, and I couldn’t justify spending a bunch of money on the unknown problems of an unknown car that tends to be a maintenance-whore.  So we bought the outback, which was a safe choice, and I’ve torn my previous subarus apart enough to have a pretty solid understanding of how they go together and am at least partially capable of doing repairs on them.  

totalled outback
So now my budget is $6k to replace a reliable car.  Craig has told me in no uncertain terms that if I decide to get a higher-maintenance car like another A4, or some sort of BMW wagon, I will be the one outside in December fixing whatever problem du jour the car develops.  And they do, because 13 year old german cars are not without maintenance and repair problems. And I really don’t like fixing cars.  So what do I get?  I hate the idea of getting another outback (but have no idea what to replace one with), but I don’t want a forester, and any impreza that I can afford is kinda junky.  I’d love a volvo, but they are in the same boat with Audi/BMW.  If I can’t get a wagon, I’d probably want a coupe. The only coupes that I can think of that I might like are corvettes (you don’t want a $6k corvette… believe me), Acura RSXs (only crappy ones are under 6k), and BMWs (see above).
totalled outback
I am lucky in that my mom is out of the country til December, and she’s letting me borrow her car while she’s away, so I have a little breathing room to make a decision, but I don’t know where to start.  Any suggestions?
totalled outback

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