Stuffed poblano peppers

No recipe!  We’ve been busy with.. well.. life.  I have 3 chiropractor visits this week, and have been in the process of reloading enough ammo for the match we’re shooting saturday.  Combine that with a kind of crazy work project, a night out with friends, and dinner with my dad & stepmom, we’ve been booked pretty solidly!  Tomorrow I pick up my mom’s car (she’s been out of the country and has graciously agreed to let me drive her car for a few weeks while I figure out what I’m going to be buying to replace the outback) in Olympia, then jet back out to Eatonville for our match, then have a party at a friend’s house, for which he has requested a birthday dessert that I do not have time to make, as well as some sort of side for the BBQ that we’re having at his house.  I’ve ordered a pie from our local diner and will have to make it to the grocery store for whatever side we bring.  I would like to tell you about the next obsessive food perfection project that I am about to embark upon, but I just don’t have it in me right now.  So here is a photo of the stuffed poblano pepper with corn that my coworker made and brought to work for me, serendipitously, as I didn’t bring anything for lunch.

stuffed poblano

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