We went to a Sounders game last night

Wah Wah Wah…

Craig’s coworker has 2 sets of season tickets to the Sounders, and when his son isn’t able to go to games, he sometimes offers his second set to Craig.  So we got tickets to the Sounders.  And I was excited.  I LOVE going to Sounders games.  But then they played.  And we got slaughtered.  By a team that isn’t as good as us.  It was painful. After the opposing team scored their FOURTH goal, crowds got up and left the stadium en masse.  So however much I have a crush on the current goalkeeper, “Michael Gspurning, it’s over.  You’ve violated my trust and we cannot continue to be involved.”

Centurylink Field

excited to see the Sounders
This was before our embarrassing loss.

I’m sure Craig is terribly relieved.  

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