Perry the Cat is a vicious beast

I had to double check to make sure I didn’t call him a VISCOUS beast.  Although he’s pretty viscous too.  Perry, or Perry McGee, or Perold, or Dr. Perold Jackson, of Perold Finch.  Or just Per.  Yes, he has a lot of names.  Perry is a fatass.  He weighs something like 17lbs.  He runs our house, including bossing around both of our 80lb dogs.  We regularly find scabs or cuts on their faces, so we know that Perry is making his presence known.  He likes to play with the dogs, tempting them into chasing him down the length of our house.  He will run and if they don’t follow him, he will walk back to the doorway, make eye contact with them, then run again until they get it and comply with his game.  He also eats hair bands, shoelaces, and plastic grocery bags.  Plastic is his favorite thing in the world.  And when he eats it, he throws it up.  He is very skilled at finding plastic too.

mean cat
That’s a dog’s nose in the lower left corner

Perry is also the sweetest kitty.  He’s a cuddlebug who purrs uncontrollably and will lay on your chest, or curled up in your kneepit for hours if you let him.  He isn’t skittish, and loves it when our friends come over.  More people to pet him!  He also cuddles with the dogs.

perry the cat

Craig sent me this photo yesterday afternoon.  And is pretty common.  Perry kept taking over the dog beds, as I discussed in a previous post, so I moved his cat bed out from our laundry room (the “cat room”) to the living room, as I refuse to have 3 enormous dog beds on the living room floor, so he would have his own space to curl up in.  Turns out he’s not interested.  Below, you’ll see Perry, passed the heck out in the center of the dog bed, and Helo, doing his best to relax on the overturned cat bed.  Because nobody messes with Perry, and if he wants to lay on the dog bed, he will lay on the dog beds, and they don’t dare stand up to him.

cat on the dog bed, dog on the cat bed

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