My sourdough starter

Years ago I received a sourdough starter from a coworker, and made a few loaves of bread with it before forgetting it in the back of my refrigerator and dooming it to a slow death from starvation.

sourdough starter

Wanting to start making sourdough again (sourdough waffles!), I took it upon myself to develop a starter.  And I did.  It’s been 1.5 weeks, but has finally developed the characteristic citrusy smell of a nice tart starter.  I am pretty excited about it.  Feeding is pretty easy, dump out half of it, then stick it on the scale and sprinkle equal weights dechlorinated water and bread flour into it, then mix and cover back up.  I think tonight I’ll stick it in the fridge, and Saturday I’ll make my first loaf of bread!  Well… maybe.  You know, if I actually get around to it.

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