Our new cat litter box – the Tidy Cats Breeze

Alright. So I realize that I’m doing a lot of posting about stuff that I bought that I think is neat, but I promise it’s not because anyone’s paying me, it’s because I think the stuff is really neat and you should give it a shot.  This litter box is no exception.  I hate dealing with cat litter.  It hate the smell of it, the dust, the way that Perry the cat kicks it out of the litter box and it ends up all over our laundry room floor, and then gets stuck to my bare feet.  The whole proposition of encouraging an animal to relieve themselves in your house is kind of backwards.  But Perry is an inside cat.  He has no outdoor skills and will live longer as an indoor-only cat than as an outdoor cat.  As such, we are stuck with the whole litter box conundrum. We’ve read reviews on some of the crazier inventions, like motorized self-scooping litter boxes that are over $100, and one that hooks up to your toilet to flush itself, like a toilet, but costs $250.  And really, reading the bad reviews, while hilarious (everyone loves a poop story), dissuaded me from trying them.  So when we needed more cat litter a couple months ago and I didn’t feel like going to the pet store or costco to get more, I went on Amazon… Because really…. who doesn’t love free 2nd day shipping and getting a box in the mail.  Plus, amazon has the added bonus of allowing me to compulsively research even the most ridiculous things, like pieces of clay that my cat is going to shit in before I throw them away.  So off to Amazon I ran, and when I sorted my search query by highest rated, found the Tidy Cats Breeze.  I like to think that I am one of the last people to get into proprietary technology that leaves me needing to buy more and more of whatever company’s products, but this thing got amazing reviews, and was fairly cheap, at $30 to try it.  So I did.  I ordered it.  Then when it came 2 days later, I followed the directions, and Perry happily switched right over. 

tidy cats breeze litter box
So here’s how it works…  You have a box with a false bottom.  The false bottom has holes in it that allow pee to drain through.  And below the bottom, there is a tray with a disposable pee-pad/diaper thing that absorbs the urine.  The pad does not leak and is larger than the holey area, so no way to get pee on the sides.  To satisfy the cat’s desire to cover their pee/poo, there are ceramic pellets that are too big to fit through the holes that the cat can dig around if need be.  They allow the pee to drain through, and quickly begin desiccating the poo, which easily scoops right out.  Perry is 17lbs (so not a light waste producer) and the pads will last him about a week.  The ceramic pellets say they’re good for a month, but we made it 6 weeks before they started getting skanky smelling.
And here’s the cost breakdown (lets assume a 4 week pellet replacement schedule, YMMV)
Pads ($1.13 ea) x4 = $4.50
Pellets $9
I don’t know how much you spend on litter, but a big box of cat litter runs what, $20?  And I’m sure you go through a bag every month at least.  So there.  It ends up being cheaper, providing you’re able to continue getting the pads/pellets.  So there’s a cost savings.  Also, it doesn’t ever smell like pee.  There may be the faintest hint of pee at the end of the week, but you just toss the pad and put a fresh one in, and it’s fine.  The poo smell goes away quickly also.  Oh, and there aren’t 11ty tiny granules of litter all over the floor sticking to your feet.  Perry will kick out 2-3 pellets each day, but they are bit, don’t go far, and are easy to sweep up and toss back into the box.  Anyway, go get one of these things.  They’re great.

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