Oh Tastespotting, you are such a bitch

If you are familiar at all with the world of food blogs, you are probably also quite familiar with the world of tastespotting and foodgawker. If you’re not, here’s your rundown. They’re sites that are laid out kind of like Pinterest, where bloggers can register for accounts, and submit photos of things they’ve made.  If the photos are good enough, they’ll get posted, and tons of traffic will get driven to your site.  It’s great impetus for taking beautiful photos of food.  You know… if you’re not totally lazy.  A few years ago with my first denial (it was a picture of my strawberry rhubarb cupcakes – I guess the photo had lighting problems), I did some research and found out just how picky these websites are.  In fact, it’s such a common thing to be turned down for these, that secondary websites have begun cropping up, like tastestopping, where you submit your photo and post, and the reason you were denied from tastespotting/foodgawker and they will publish your photo, and allow the readers to decide whether or not they like your posts. Seems more reasonable and less douchey.

tastespotting screenshot

After I got such nice light photographing my japchae dish, I figured that since it was paleo, I’d submit it to chowstalker, which has now changed it’s name to stalkerville (which wtf, this looks bad on my browsing history!), which is basically a less elite(read:pretentious) version of tastespotting/foodgawker for paleo/primal/grain free/whole food recipes.  An interesting aside, as I was typing that last sentence, the editor of chowstalker just added me on google+.  I feel so elite now!  Anyway, I submitted that, then figured I’d submit some of my other primal recipes.  You know, because they’re delicious, and a little more traffic to the blog makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Anyway, I started submitting some of my paleo posts and then got to thinking that overall my photography has gotten much better than it was a few years ago, and maybe I could hang.  So I started submitting recipes to the big 2.  Lol.  What a way to take your self esteem down a few notches!  I had 2 photos that had been accepted a few years ago.  One was my orange chicken, the other was israeli couscous with a harissa yogurt sauce.  After getting so many of my poor recipes denied, I figured that since I had bought the domain to my website, and had registered with a new ID, I’d try submitting something that I’ve already submitted and had accepted.  Lol.  NO.

tastespotting LOL

It turns out that in order to get your stuff published, it has to be more than a technically good photograph, it has to tickle the fancy of whoever is reviewing it.  Because one person liked it enough to accept it, the other thought my composition sucked and told me to fuck off.   Anyway, saw it this morning, thought it was funny, figured I’d share.

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