The best way to eat leftover risotto

I love me some risotto.  Craig isn’t a huge fan, plus it’s pretty much just delicious carbs and fat, so I generally avoid making it unless we have dinner guests or Craig’s gone for the night.  Since one of my favorite pastimes  when Craig is out of town is cooking, this is a perfect opportunity to gorge myself on risotto.  This time I chose mushroom risotto.  I wasn’t planning on making it til the next day as I had already eaten and had no need for more food, but I got bored, so I got to making a batch at around 9pm.

mushroom risotto

I love making a super garlicky mushroom risotto.  It woulda been way better with some thyme, but I am fresh out!  There is something so relaxing about stirring a pot of risotto, and waiting for it to absorb more stock before adding another scoop full.

mushroom risotto

Once the risotto has been eaten and leftovers have been cooled, pack it up and stick it in the fridge.    The next morning is go-time. Get out a nonstick skillet (I’ve attempted this in my fairly nonstick cast iron pans with disastrous results, I’d suggest teflon or ceramic nonstick coating).  Just pop it in the skillet, with maybe a little butter if you swing that way, and let it sit for a while.  I cook mine on 4/10 on my stove.  As the risotto heats up, it’ll soften and begin to loosen up a little.

caramelizing risotto

I cook it until it starts to let go of the pan a bit, which is usually when it develops a deep golden brown color, none of my photos show the correct coloration of the risotto.  I just got too impatient that morning.  When the risotto comes out of the pan, crack a couple eggs in and fry those however you see fit. I like super runny with crispy bits on the edges.

mushroom risotto with a fried egg
mushroom risotto with a fried egg

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