I feel like grumpy cat today.  Nothing has gone right.

 I got up at 5:15 this morning and got into the shower. I felt extra tired, probably as a result of staying out later than normal for a work night.

As I was soaping up, the power went out.  Great.  Finish your shower in the dark.  Swell.

The power did not come back on, so I had to sit next to a window to get enough light to put my makeup on.

I couldn’t cook anything on our electric stove and couldn’t microwave anything for breakfast, so I had to stop at Jack in the Box for breakfast.  It wasn’t very good.

When I got to work, I had to dry my hair.  While I’m the first person in the office most mornings, it’s still very strange to go to work and then begin grooming yourself.

IT’S RAINING.  That means that my sunroof is leaking.

I went out on my lunch break to grab some chicken for the dogs to eat.  That was the only thing that went OK so far.  I swung by Habitat For Humanity ReStore to see if they had any good light fixtures for our bathroom (or anything else that was at least neat)… and there was nothing.  Nothing even remotely cool.

Then I went to the food truck that was in our building complex’s parking lot (all the way at the other end of the parking lot) and got soaked in the rain walking over there.  The menu that they initially handed out was better than the one they emailed out this morning which was better than what they actually had.  The only entree they had that I was excited about was grilled cheese and sweet potato fries.  So I got that.  And it was good. But it cost $8.  And it was tiny.  Really tiny.  I’m still hungry.

Also… guess what’s in the bag!

someone's cremated remains
Did you guess fancy bedding?  That would be incorrect.  How about high-end crystal or bank bags? You’d be wrong.  If you guessed human remains, you would be DEAD ON (pun intended).  One of our agents had a family member’s ashes delivered to our office and has not yet come to pick them up.  So now I get to sit 5 feet from a cremated body.
My camera flash died last Friday.  I spent some time researching and found something recommended by professional photographers that was marked down significantly on amazon.  I ordered it.  It came via UPS today.  Looks totally neat, build quality feels way better than my old Vivitar.  I threw some batteries in it and it won’t stay on. FUCK.  SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?  I had to return to amazon and order another non-defective unit.
And I have to reload ammunition tonight because we’re going to a rifle match tomorrow.  I hate reloading. 
It’s only 3pm.  I’m gonna go get some crappy food from our vending machine, and probably get rear-ended on my way home from work.

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