Father’s Day Menu Plan

– OR – “Oh SHIT!  I didn’t make reservations in time!”

I was hoping to take our dads out to breakfast or lunch for fathers day.  We usually go to a beer festival for fathers day, but they moved the location way further from our house, and it seems like too much a production, so we settled for having a meal together instead.  I’ve been cooking a lot of food from scratch lately… like pretty much every meal we’ve been eating, and I’m feeling a little burnt out on the whole creativity spectrum of things as I’ve made a concerted effort to be trying lots of new dishes.  So I was hoping that we could just go out, sit down, decide what we each wanted, enjoy each other’s company, eat, then give the restaurant some money and be left with a clean kitchen and a slightly lighter wallet.  But I procrastinated, and now we can’t get reservations at the few restaurants that we’d like to go to.

So now I’m cooking lunch on father’s day.  And everyone in the family has widely varying likes and dislikes in the realm of food.  And I’m a people pleaser.  So I have made the meal needlessly complex.

I want to make this grilled flank steak with roasted jalapeno chimichurri sauce.  I’ve been dying to make this since I found the recipe, but that much steak is a lot for 2 people.  So decided that we will enjoy it on Sunday.  But my father in law doesn’t like garlic much, and LOVES spicy things.  So I’m making a second chimichurri sauce that’s light on garlic and has habaneros instead of jalapenos.  And my mother in law doesn’t like beef unless it’s cooked until it’s grey and every last bit of moisture is gone from it.  So I’m making her chicken breasts, which she also likes super dry, but it bothers me less to destroy a $3 piece of meat over a $20 one.

Photo from Serious Eats

And I was going to make a panzanella, but my in laws will be bringing “stuffed breads,” the recipes for which came from the old neighborhood in New Jersey, they’ll be pizza bread and hot dog bread.  So no need for any additional bread as a side.

Instead, now i’m making a zucchini ribbon salad, with (you guessed it) zucchini ribbons, carrot ribbons, yellow squash ribbons, probably some of the snow peas from the garden, and whatever we happen to find at the farmers market on Saturday.

For dessert, we have some greek yogurt to use up, so I’m going to try my hand at Smitten Kitchen’s Yogurt Panna Cotta, but instead of honey and nuts, I’ll top it with honey and fresh blueberries.  Because I want fruit in my dessert.

Photo from Smitten Kitchen, link above

And for drinks?  Stout, of course.  That’s what the dads like.  And the kids.  I also have some coffee cold brewing as we speak, and I think I’ll throw together a quick batch of white sangria with some rhubarb simple syrup (recipe coming later).

rhubarb simple syrup

So to recap:
Grilled Flank Steak
Grilled Chicken Breast
Roasted Jalapeno Chimichurri
Habanero Chimichurri
Zucchini Ribbon Salad
Yogurt Panna Cotta w/ Honey & Blueberries
Cold-brewed coffee
White sangria

I’m not bothering with appetizers this time.  It’s lunch.

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