Fabulous Flowers Friday

Or – Astounding Alliteration Achievement.

beautiful yellow rose in liquor bottle

Our rose is blooming.  I generally don’t like rosebushes, because they’re finicky, prone to disease, pointy, and don’t look all that good when they’re not covered in flowers.  Oh, and most roses don’t smell like much. Most Junes, my dad & stepmother will spend a week or so camping when school lets out.  This happens to be when many of the flowers in their yard are blooming, the strawberries are ripening, and the carrots are just getting ready to eat.  Because they’re not around to enjoy it, Kim often asks me to come by and cut as many flowers as I can, pick and eat strawberries, and collect some of the magical sweet little carrots.  Naturally, I oblige. They have an awesome yard.

beautiful yellow rose

A few years ago, I caught the tail end of blooming season for one of the roses.  It was situated in the back of the yard and getting a lot of shade, so not doing as well as it could have.  On my lunch break, I headed over to their house and cut the last bloom that was on it, and tossed it into my car with a myriad of others and headed back to work. The entire inside of the car became so heavily perfumed that I nearly had to roll a window down.  It was epic, unlike any rose I’ve ever experienced. So I begged Kim for a cutting of the rose.   The next year, I wasn’t working and they paid me to do some yard work, and she had me take the entire bush home.  I am pleased to report that it survived the winter and is doing quite well.

beautiful yellow rose

And it’s fucking coated in flowers.  This is my second bouquet to come into the house this year.  I’m going to try to take cuttings and make babies from this bad boy.  It is the greatest rose ever.  I have no idea what it’s called, but it has a strong fragrance, so I’m assuming it’s an old cultivar, definitely not bred for disease resistance.

beautiful yellow rose

Anyone have any idea what it might be called?  The blooms are huge, and look peony-ish with the swirls of petals.

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