To Do List Update

A few months ago I posted a comprehensive to-do list for my house.  It actually DID help me clear out some mental angst regarding stressing myself out over knowing all the stuff I needed to do. Now that I have it written down, all I need to do is reference my blog when I have spare time to attend to any of the many projects that I haven’t completed.

vintage mid century light fixture from habitat for humanity


  • Paint front door
  • Replace coat closet shelf
  • Get shoe rack/bookcase/bench?
  • Different curtains – patterned blue/slate?
  • Add more velcro to rug
  • New modern house #s
  • Paint and hang brass fixture – think we may just hang it as-is?
mid century living room
Living room 
  • Paint Credenza  we replaced it with a white one instead
  • Stain hutch corner
  • Recover dog beds moved them to the bedroom and got less offensive/hard to cover ones for the living room
  • Adhere rugs together
  • Better looking cat bed see dog beds above
  • Cat Scratcher?
  • Sew microsuede blanket
painted 70's cabinets
  • Order doors & drawer fronts
  • Get squishy rug for island
  • Locate and install countertop
  • Paper towel holder – under cabinets
  • Dog water bowl waterproof mat changed my mind on this
  • Hang pendants
  • Finish painting island
  • Buy & hang air plants in window
  • Repaint wall next to fridge
  • Find a cool clock for wall next to fridge

dogs harassing our friends
Dining Room
  • Adjust height of second pendant
  • New CF or LED bulbs for pendants
Family Room
  • Put furniture back on floor
  • Handle cords!
  • Lamp Shade
  • Hang bookshelves
  • Hang landing strip shelf
  • Clean off kegerator
  • Refill beergas mixture
Laundry Room
  • Replace 2 vinyl planks that are scratched
  • clean pine needles out of rug!
  • Hang another shoe organizer
Back Yard
  • Mulch
  • Build 2nd layer of raised beds
  • Attach trellis frames
  • clean junk off of decks
  • Assemble shed
  • Build/assemble soaker hose system in main beds
  • Re-edge lawn
Tomato hot frame
Front Yard
  • Install matching house numbers on slate
  • Pull weeds
  • Mulch
  • Sharpen lawn mower blades
  • Tear out stoop, build deck
  • Tear out walkway, build new walkway
  • Put in foundation plantings
dry stream bed and weeds
  • Acquire, paint & hang frames hung up something else instead
  • Organize linen closet
  • Paint pantry
  • Wallpaper shelves
  • put up vent cover
Blue white and avocado bathroom
Hall Bath
  • Keg Beer 
  • Tile Floor
  • Find electric radiant heating?
  • Install drawer pulls
  • Plane & repaint sticky door
  • New toilet
  • Counter/sink/faucet
Master Bedroom
  • Paint white wall – blue/grey herringbone?
  • New light fixture
  • Hang mirror over dresser
  • Hang full length mirrors
  • Hang additional curtains for slider
  • Hang curtains in closet
  • Sconces
  • Headboard
  • Bed Frame
Master Bath
  • Tear out vanity
  • Ikea vanity & sink
  • New toilet
  • New faucet
  • Install tile floor
  • Paint – purple
  • Board & Batten ball
  • Light fixture – find less hideous swag option
  • Spice racks for makeup
Craig’s Hobby Room
  • Steal rug to use in family room
  • Steal chair to use in family room
  • Paint – slate?
  • Better light fixture
Guest Room 
  • Sell dresser
  • Get shelving unit for storage
  • Headboard?
  • Paint – anything but weird flesh color in there now
Well… I have made SOME progress.  I certainly have more to get done, but we will get there eventually.  We’ve mostly been enjoying the beautiful weather and having friends over!

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