Photos of the pets

We had some friends over on Saturday, and one of our buddies with his fantsy camera too a few shots of the creatures that we have daftly decided to share our home with.

Silly Malamute
Helo has a conversation with our friend’s girlfriend

Which dog shall claim Jen as his own?

Lazy Malamute
Silly Helo

Traditional Siamese Perry
Perry the cat

Malamute mutt mix
Boris is such a sweet boy

And a couple more photos that I took on my cell phone over the last few weeks.  Helo is always very careful not to disturb Perry.  He even lets the cat drink out the water before he goes for it.

curled up malamute sleeping next to a cat
Perry runs the show.

dog sleeping on stuffed dog
This is Boris’ favorite toy, his crusty stuffed doggy from ikea.  

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