Favorite vintage find

Victoria Elizabeth Barnes is definitely my favorite blogger at the moment.  She has a hilarious blog that details the trials, tribulations, disagreements, and conquests of renovating their Victorian house.  She’s hosting a good old-fashioned link party, where other bloggers share their favorite Craigslist finds on her blog, generating more traffic for everyone.  Crafty Crafty lady.

I have to tell you, this is not from Craigslist, this is from my mother in law.  She was out garage saling with her best friend when they came across this great mid century chair.  They texted me a photo of it and quickly followed up by a telephone call that went something like this:
MIL: Did you get our picture?
Me: I’m in the shower.. let me look now.
MIL: What do you think?
Me: That’s a pretty rad chair.
MIL: Do you want us to get it for you?
Me: I’m pretty sure Craig would divorce me if I brought more furniture into the house.
MIL: No, it’s fine.
Me:  I think it’s gorgeous, but I really don’t have a good spot for it yet.
MIL: But it’s so comfortable.  It looks really nice!
Me: I agree.  Your son would be furious.
MIL: Ok, fine.

Vintage Mid Century Dux Teak Chair

5 minutes later.
MIL: We bought the chair.  We got it for $5!!!!
Me: (secretly thrilled) Craig is going to be mad, but it’s beautiful!
MIL: We’ll be there in half an hour to drop it off.
Me: See you then, thanks!

5 minutes later.
Me: Your mom bought that chair that I told her not to buy
Craig: WTF, we don’t need ANOTHER chair.
Me: YOUR mother bought it.  I told her not to.
Craig: You can’t keep it.
Me: I’ll fix it up and sell it on craigslist.
Craig: You better.

45 minutes later.
MIL: Here, come check out the chair!
Me: Ooh, that’s gorgeous!
Craig: That upholstery is disgusting.  And Helo’s going to eat it.
Me: Silly you, it’s not going in the house, it’ll stay in the garage (amidst the huge mess of tiles and other old furniture) til I get it cleaned up.  I wonder if it’s worth anything. *turning it over to find DUX tag*
MIL: Well?
Me: Gotta go look that up! Come in the house.

2 minutes later.
Me: Oh, yeah.  It’s worth like $700.
Craig: *a little less upset*
MIL: Maybe the other stuff we got at that garage sale is worth money too!(it wasn’t.)

It’s been in the garage for a solid month.  I still can’t quite bring myself to get rid of it.  Oh yeah, and it turns out the chair’s a Dux and is worth between $400 and $800.  And it’s SO comfortable and SO pretty (if you can overlook the red bedsheets that the cushions are upholstered in.  I can’t leave it in the house because I am pretty sure Helo would eat it, and that would be criminal.  I may clear out some of my horde in the spare bedroom and stash it in there til Helo dies.  I really DID intend to clean up the wood and sell it, but I brought it out when Craig’s family was visiting for Easter and they ALL encouraged us to keep it.  We’ve only got 5ish more years with the dogs and this is a 50 year old piece of art.  And it IS beautiful.  I still can’t make up my mind.

Updated – I have to tell you all this…. I posted this yesterday morning and had no intention of telling Craig about the post or that I had more or less decided to keep the chair (as we won’t be able to use it/keep it out for the next 5-7 years). We were in the car yesterday and he mentions that the chair was designed by Folk Ohlsson, a designer for Dux, and his designs are among the most sought-after ones.  I’m assuming that he read the post and now suspects that I have no intentions of actually getting rid of it, but I’m not going to say anything.

5 thoughts on “Favorite vintage find

  1. Is it weird that I’m jealous your husband’s name is Craig? It’s like you have a more personal relationship with his list than I do… Plus, sounds like you totally scored with his family enabling your furniture issues…

    You know what link party we SHOULD have had? The “look at this crap that’s been sitting in my garage for a year that I cannot throw away but will never get around to doing something with.”

    I have a chair out there that taunts me whenever I go in the garage. I planned to reupholster it… how hard could it be? That was two years ago. The base layer of fabric is totally gross by now because I abandoned it and never covered it up.

    p.s.- you're not really going to get rid of it are you? You'll never get another $400-800 chair for $5 ever again…


  2. Ooh, if I had more readers, I would totally host that link party. I think anyone who blogs about home/DIY/crafty shit probably has a pretty good horde of stuff they haven't “gotten around to.”

    I don't really feel like I NEED to have a $500 chair to sit in, though I wouldn't mind it. And it looks so NEAT!


  3. Oh, just found these 2 (given, in VERY good vintage condition- ours once the wood is cleaned up will only be “good” shape) that are the exact chair that we have. They are listed for $4,500. Just sayin


  4. It is a pretty neat chair. I've actually decided to figure out how to ACTUALLY sew cushion covers that won't look like they were made in a 5th grade home-ec class. This chair will make me a more well-rounded person.

    I'll keep her on notice! What ya looking for?


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