Our kitchen and living room

They are not done.  Well… the living room is pretty close to being done.  And the kitchen is close, but neither are complete.  But let’s be honest…. it took me 3 months to share our countertop with you, I STILL haven’t shared any photos of the second phase of juniper removal, and I am a master procrastinator.  If I hadn’t taken advantage of the house being the cleanest it’s been in the last few years (my mother has visited twice in the last couple weeks and is a much better housekeeper than me) this afternoon, it’s unlikely that I’d be sharing any photos of the house for months and months and months.  The kitchen still needs some sanding and a few coats of paint on the new island, door and drawer fronts, plus an actual counter.  These are 3 pieces of leftover granite from my dad’s kitchen remodel instead of a real counter.  I’ve been on the lookout for a good remnant of soapstone that’s not like a million dollars. So far no luck.

white kitchen with santa cecilia granite

The color on the dark walls is Man Cave by Valspar, and the lighter grey is Balboa Mist by Sherwin Williams.  I think they’re both pretty great.  The whole island at one point was a drywalled pantry. The color on all of the cabinets is Bavarian Cream by Benjamin Moore.

70's kitchen

Since we moved in, the kitchen has undergone the following changes:
Wall knocked down to half-wall between dining and family room.
Counters and sink replaced
New doors and drawer fronts installed and everything painted white
New door and drawer hardware
New flooring
New light fixtures
Pantry knocked out and island installed in its place

pantry replaced with kitchen island

Below you’ll see the living room.  Nothing much has been done in here in terms of actual renovations.  We still have the popcorn ceiling, basically all we’ve done are furniture/style improvements, which we’re both pretty happy with.

pantry replaced with kitchen island

I’ve pretty much decided that this is the biggest 1400 sq ft house in existence.  We both love the layout.  I work in the real estate industry, and every now and again do searches for homes nearby on acreage.  So far I can’t find anything that I like remotely as much as our place (that’s not to say it’s done!).  I wish we could just buy some land and then move our house onto it.

Hutch from a consignment shop, chair and ottoman a hand-me-down from my in-laws, sofa and floor lamp from ikea, rug from ikea, painting homemade, end table from a garage sale, and coffee table homemade.  Flowers from the yard, blanket and pillows were mostly homemade. We haven’t been buying wood furniture because our super cute dog Helo has a tendency to eat it.  We put a TV on the wall facing the sofa and needed a credenza of some sort to go under it and hold our components and cables etc.  Ikea had the perfect thing.  It used to come in white, but had been discontinued and was only sold in red.  So we got that and counted on spraying it blue. After living with it for a while, we figured we’d see if we could find a white one used, then I got a response to my craigslist wanted post saying that the white ones had be recontinued… So I drove to Ikea yesterday morning due to the “in stock” status on the website.  Unfortunately they were sold out, but should have 23 more in a few days…. so I get to go BACK down there, get the white one, then get the red one sold… So imagine that this red one is creamy white.

Ikea PS Cabinet under TV

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