Tasty lemon asparagus risotto with fried egg

This was a pretty good idea if I may say so myself.  I’m going to spare you the rundown on my technique, as if you’re likely to try this dish, you either have already obsessively read about how to make a proper risotto, or you’re not likely to listen to my input.  If you’re not likely to try this dish, then you probably don’t give a shit about how much stock I used and how fine a dice to use on the onion.  I just used the juice and zest of a whole (albeit fairly old and shrively) lemon and added it in with the white wine.  The asparagus I just cut up into sections and sauteed with a little bit of butter and topped the risotto with it (I’m glad I did, Craig decided that he preferred it without, and I decided that I preferred it with way more than “some”) then I topped it with a fried egg.  Overall, one of my favorite dishes.  Simple, easy, tasty, minimally messy.

Lemon asparagus risotto with fried egg

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