Let me tell you how I feel about my Blanco Silgranit sink

So we got a chunk of money when we got married, as we had requested cash to renovate the kitchen as wedding gifts instead of stuff we already had (we’re classy like that).  Anyway, we spent the money replacing the leatherette textured laminate counters with granite, and the builder-grade stainless sink with something magical.  I know that you often find people discussing how much they like XYZ as they are installing something or right after doing so.  I figured I’d let you know how I feel about everything in my sink area after having spent 2+ years heavily using it.

blanco silgranit sink

First… The sink… I think it’s FABULOUS. We wanted to do an undermount sink with the granite counter.  I don’t like stainless because it always looks dirty, and it scratches/dents easily, plus we don’t have stainless anywhere else in the kitchen, plus… it’s LOUD!  I don’t like enamel coated cast iron as it scratches and chips easily, and I am exceptionally clumsy. It would only be a matter of time before I had a chipped up sink that was scratched to hell and difficult/expensive to remove and replace.  We ended up going with a material that Blanco calls Silgranit, which is basically a stone and acrylic composite.  It is heat and scratch resistant.  I believe that the color we chose was biscuit, because I didn’t want to get white and have it look skanky dirty all the time.  It was a great choice, IMO, though I don’t know anyone else with this particular sink material, so I can’t make any assertions regarding whether it’s the best color.  We got a super deep single bowl offset drain sink.  It’s huge.  Really huge.  It easily fits a half-sized sheet pan, or 2 huge frying pans sitting flat.  It’s massive.  When the sink is full of dirty dishes, the dishes will more than fill the dishwasher, which is pretty inconvenient.  But that’s more a testament to my shitty housekeeping skills than it is to the quality of the sink.

silgranit sink scratches

In the last several months, the sink has developed a couple small nicks or scratches around the drain area.  They collect dirty stuff and look ugly.  The benefit of the silgranit is that it can easily be sanded down and the scratches will no longer be visible.  They don’t bother me enough for me to bother getting out the wet sandpaper and actually sand anything, so I haven’t bothered.  The only other “thing” that I’ve noticed with it is if I’m scrubbing something metal (cast iron pan, aluminum sheet pans, etc), they will leave little metaly smeary marks being on the sink, as it has just the slightest texture.  They also come off super easily with a little light scrubbing with the back side of a sponge or a nylon bristled dish brush. I imagine that with a darker color they’d be far less evident, however soap scum would be more evident, so ya win some, ya lose some.

Ok, the faucet….  I have mixed feelings about this faucet.  We basically just picked a faucet from Lowes (we had a gift card) that was oil rubbed bronze, this approximate shape, and only made one hole (I didn’t want more).  This one is fine.  It’s not great, but it works fine.  I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone just because I’m not sure it’s any better than the average, but it does the trick.  Here are my opinions on it.  It does one neat thing.  You can have it on the “spray” setting, and turn it off.  When you turn the faucet back on, the spray setting has reset back to the standard stream.  That keeps you from accidentally getting massive splashback and soaking yourself. That’s a win.

Moen Oil Rubbed Bronze (ORB) faucet

Now here are the things that I DON’T like about it.  It has a button next to the spray/normal button that allows it to go into a pot fill type mode where it flows more water than normal, but this button has to remain depressed manually.  It will spring back to a normal fill mode if you let go.  The faucet is capable of flowing more water but by design purposefully keeps you from doing so the majority of the time.  Not only that, but it has the ability to auto-off the spray mode, why not auto-off the turbo mode and not have to hold that motherfucker down?  WTF Moen? The faucet thingy regularly falls out and hangs down.  I’m not sure if this is related to the amount of counterweight on the stainless hose or another bad design feature.  Either way, it’s a commonly noted problem with this faucet, and annoying as fuck.  The majority of the time, it looks like this as it will come undone any time you use it.  I initially pushed it back in every time.  I don’t anymore.  When I come up with things to stop spending money on (LOL) I will start looking into other faucets.  As it is, I can live with it, but would prefer something that had more thoughtful design(and looked a little more consistent with the rest of our fixtures in style).

Moen Oil Rubbed Bronze (ORB) faucet

The drain….  It’s a pile of shit.  It drains slowly (the drain in the other sink drained at approximately double the speed of this one) and scratches easily.  It used to look ORB when we bought it. As it has scratched (the whole top surface is now copper colored), you can now see that it’s made of 2 different types of metal as well, copper and brass.  Luckily it was only like $20. This will get switched out when we get a new faucet (probably right before we sell the house).

The soap dispenser.  We have a simple human soap dispenser.  Craig wanted it for his birthday (reason #864 you’re getting old) so his parents bought it for him.  I was vehemently opposed to a stupid looking automatic soap dispenser.  I had a squeeze bottle that I kept my dishsoap in and didn’t need anything else.  But then we got it…. and it was pretty neat.  It dispenses onto a scrubby brush or a sponge, so I really had little use for a squeeze bottle.  I grew to love it.  Then 8 months later when it hemorrhaged all of the soap out and totally stopped working, I was forlorn.  I emailed Simple Human and they sent us a call tag, looked at the broken dispenser, and replaced it with a newer model.  All in all, we were without it for over a month, and it was disastrous.  When the new soap dispenser arrived, it was as though the clouds parted in the skies, the sun shone brighter, and angels began singing.  I was thrilled.  Downside- it always looks dirty due to the stainless and chrome color scheme.  Seriously, why couldn’t they have gone with a simple matte white?  Oh, and the motion of wiping that chrome surface triggers the sensor and squirts more soap out.  The upside is they have great customer service.

Simple Human Soap Dispenser
I cleaned this off like 2 days ago.

OK, so my basic rundown after 2+ years of use of my kitchen sink area –
Blanco Silgranit single-bowl sink – BUY BUY BUY
Moen Faucet – Eh, whatever
Drain – don’t bother
Simple Human soap dispenser – good stuff, though it may fail and you will be without one while SH replaces or repairs it.

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