Total pancake fail!

AHHHHH.  So Craig and I have been trying to eat healthier, and as such, have been trying to cut grains and flours out of our diet as much as possible.  Craig’s favorite breakfast is pancakes, which has proven to be a little difficult given the dietary goals we’ve had.  I found a recipe that uses nothing but oats (ground up in a blender) as the thickener which works well most of the time (but not always…).  I was thrilled to find a recipe on pinterest a few weeks ago calling for 3 ingredients.  1 banana, 1 egg, a few blueberries.

Turns out pancakes without flour don’t hold together so well.  Craig claims that the flavor was actually quite good, so we may experiment with a little bit of oatmeal flour added in to see if it helps with rigidity.  As is, totally useless. Since it was such a total disaster, I emailed the photo to, and managed to get a post on the blog!
3 ingredient pancake fail

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