Update on my to-do list

Lol.  I was not as successful as I was hoping to be.  It rained most afternoons last week and I wasn’t successful in getting Craig to install my over-island pendants or measure for the doors door fronts.

I also didn’t do any painting on the island.  I think I will go through and do additional coats when I already have the brush out for the drawer fronts and doors.  Procrastination is one of my best skills.

How about some things that I DID accomplish.  Let’s stay positive here!
Add more velcro to rug – done.  Took 5 minutes.

Stain hutch corner – For some reason the wood filler doesn’t seem to want to take stain this time, but after many layers, it is finally darkening up.

Sew microsuede blanket – I actually got this done in one day. It repels dog hair and is is warm and heavy.  I’m calling it a win.  Definitely not intricate, but it’s a start.

Finish building 2nd layer of raised beds – Got this done, and got them filled.  I built the first trellis frame for the pea/squash bed which will be planted once I string up the trellis stuff, maybe tonight if it’s not raining.  

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