Chicken liver knish

So…. I have this great coworker, her name is Ivana.  She’s a great cook, and also Jewish.  That matters, but we’ll get there in a moment.  We were talking about the flavor of liver some weeks back, as I had never had it.  It seems to be a pretty polarizing flavor, you either love it or hate it, and nobody has been able to effectively describe just what it tastes like while simultaneously having more than one person agree with them.  We surveyed people and everything.  Anyway, since I have thus far avoided knowingly coming into contact with liver, Ivana declared that I really needed to try it, if for nothing else than to have tried it.  With trepidation I agreed.

homemade chicken liver knish

Ivana is my coworker who gave us a jar full of beautiful pickled beets and quail eggs for Christmas (she’s not particularly strict on the whole “not practicing christian holidays” thing).  Anyway, every now and again, she’s brought in other tasty Jewish cuisine.  She gave me some matzah ball soup, and a couple days later, came to work with knish.  The fillings she chose were cheese, and…. you guessed it, CHOPPED LIVER!  So, I tried it. I have to tell you… it was not that bad.  That’s not to say it was great.  I probably wouldn’t go out and order liver, but anything cooked with onions and chicken fat and wrapped in puff pastry can’t be that bad!  So there.  That’s my review of chicken liver knish.  I’ll rate it 2/5.

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