To do list for the next week or so

Well, I posted my overall to-do list for the house earlier this week.  Here’s my list for the next several days.  They’re things that I think I can probably complete as long as I get to work!

Add more velcro to rug – I’ll have my sewing machine out for the blanket anyway, so this should be quick and easy instead of time consuming.

Stain hutch corner – This’ll only take a few more coats.  Easy peasy

Sew microsuede blanket – I got like 5 yards of microsuede on clearance a few months back.  Since it’s not fluffy, I think it’ll be the ideal dog-hair repelling blanket material.  The plan is just to fold it in half and add a layer of quilt batting in the middle.  Then maybe stitch an argyle type diamond pattern for the quilting.  I’m still not sure on this one.  I’m imagining it’ll only take a couple hours, which means it’ll probably be an all-weekend project.

Cat Scratcher? – Perry keeps eating the cardboard containers that the cardboard cat scratchers come in.  I think I’ll cover one in fabric to see if that helps.  Who knows.

Hang pendants – This shouldn’t take that long, but it’ll be a man project.  Electricity terrifies me.

Finish painting island – I STILL haven’t done this.  It needs another good sanding in some spots, and one more coat.  I am monumentally lazy.

Order doors & drawer fronts – This will take some effective measuring and math.  I will need to consult with Craig, and possibly my father in law to ensure I’m not making any errors.

Hang bookshelves and landing strip shelf – I am excited about this.  A good place to store my cookbooks!  

Finish building 2nd layer of raised beds

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