My husband, Craig, the Master Chef has created a new recipe.  Here is the transcript:

Craig: I just want to say goodbye and i love you in case i die doing what i am about to do.
Laurel: What are you about to do?  And I love you too.
Craig: I have a brilliant idea. I am taking coffee, and putting a teabag in it. It’ll be coffeetea.
Laurel: Coftea? Sounds interesting.  I hope you the best.
Craig: At first it tastes like tea, and then some bizarre rancid coffee. 

Laurel: Hmmm… I think I’ll stick with normal coffee then.
Craig: Actually… after drinking more of it the bad taste kind of fades away and it tastes like something betwixt coffee and tea!
Laurel: Are you going to post about it on [random forum he’s on]?
Craig: No, this is our secret. You should go try it.

Laurel: When someone else gets here I will. You should do a guest post on my blog about it.
Craig: It would probably not be very exciting.
Laurel: I am pretty excited just hearing about it.  You just generated content.  Take a photo of your coffee and I’ll post it.

So… Without further adieu…. the result of arduous testing…. The recipe you’ve all been waiting for!

Recipe: 1 cup shitty office coffee
1 teabag.
Put coffee in cup and add teabag.  

coffee tea mixture

Nothing but the best for my blog readers.

Update!  Craig tried 2 tea bags in  his coffee this morning and reported feeling “sick” afterwards.  Be warned.

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