Several things

1) I haven’t really completed any projects lately.  We’re waiting on our contractor’s schedule to clear up so he can figure out how to fix the cracking grout.

2) I read somewhere that making a “to do” list is good for your peace of mind because you can then put everything out of your mind and just reference the list as necessary. I lined out everything we need to do to the house, all of the semi-finished projects, bigger picture stuff, etc. The list is huge.  3 full pages.  Then I went through and put dots next to the “priority” projects, like finishing painting the island, ordering drawer pulls, getting the second layer of my raised beds built, etc.  It actually felt great, like a big mental purge.  And I addressed a few of the list items this weekend, which was awesome.  Then I got to cross them off the list!

Crocus blooming in the lawn3) Spring is finally coming to Seattle!  We had our first really sunny weekend day of the year yesterday and it was glorious.  I blew the pine needles off the driveway, cut all of the dead flower heads off of the hydrangea in our front yard, trimmed back the dead parts from many of the things in our front garden bed, pulled the dead hop bines, dahlia skeletons, and black eyed susans out of the garden, coerced my husband and his best friend to cut the wood for the second layer of my raised beds so I can get them built, and the crocuses that I planted last autumn are blooming!

4) We used part of our tax return to get a TV for our front room.  We’re really enjoying relaxing on the sectional instead of the uncomfortable sofa in the other dark room.  There was a battle royale over the height of the TV. Craig wanted it about 9″ higher than it is, and I wanted it about a foot lower than it is.  Neither of us are happy, but there’s already a hole in the wall, so it’s too late now.  I think the size of the gap between the TV and the credenza is pretty weird.  He thinks it’s weird to be standing up and not looking up at the TV… I’m not really sure what universe he’s in, but whatever.

5) We got a credenza for under the TV.  It’s from Ikea.  We got it because it’s metal and Helo won’t eat it.  Ikea used to sell a white version of this.  It doesn’t anymore.  They’re only in red.  We will be spray painting the entire thing blue once the weather warms up.  I’ve never spray painted anything that I’ve really needed to turn out nicely, so this will be an interesting adventure.  I’ve been reading how-tos like crazy.
Velcro sewn to rug

6) I am crafty as fuck.  As rugs are wont to do, our entry rug without any backing has been slipping.  I don’t like rug backers much.  They don’t seem to do much.  I’ve run silicone lines on the back of rugs for our bathroom.  They don’t work very well on flexible rugs.  I did the back of stiffer standard-backed rugs for the back door, and they work well, but not flexible ones.  I decided to be clever, so I got sew-on velcro (loop side) and sewed a piece on each corner of the rug, then got hook-side velcro with a sticky back and adhered that to the floor.  Now I can pull the rug up to wash it(muddy feet), and stick it back down.  I do need to do a few more areas as it seems to stretch a little and then catch on the door, but overall, works like a champ!

Non-skid dog bowl DIY

7) The dog bowls have been driving me crazy.  When we feed them, the dogs will push the bowls all over the floor and any little bits of grit on the floor or bottoms of the bowls make terrible scraping noises.  Because I’m too cheap to buy bowls with rubber backing, I used some silicone and made feet for the bowls, figuring if it started peeling off, I was only out $2.50, and it’s still easily washable in the dishwasher.  It’s worked beautifully.  I think we’re 3 weeks in now and none of it has peeled off.  Love it.  In fact, I love it so much I did the cat’s bowls as he keeps pushing them off the piece of furniture we feed him on and making loud clanging noises.

8) I got this upholstry toile remnant on clearance from the fabric store a couple weeks ago.  I think I’m going to make a floorcloth for under the dog water bowl out of it, but I also want to use it somewhere else.  Either a pillow, or covering a dog bed or something.  I just came across it and was enchanted.  I’m still not sure, but I think it might be fun with a brightly colored fake fur on the other side?  I’m still not sure.  Any ideas/input?  We don’t really need any more pillows, but I wouldn’t mind having a few extra covers to switch out as I get sick of others.

black and white toile

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