"Fun" with the floor

Well, the contractor that’s been working on the floor has been done for a couple weeks now and we’ve been  enjoying the heck out of it.  After constantly inspecting it though, we’ve found a bit of an issue with the grout. It’s cracking in some spots.  As it cracks, it comes out, and then there’s holes.  Based on my research, this happens when grout is mixed incorrectly added to the grout joint being on the larger end of what is deemed acceptable for unsanded grout, and that seemed to do the trick.  I’ve been trying to get ahold of the contractor that did the job for the last couple days but so far no luck.  Otherwise, it really looks beautiful.  It’s just when you get down and look closely at the joints that it’s kind of wonky.

Cracking grout on wood look tile
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Cracking grout on wood look tile

Regardless, the house is coming along beautifully.  We got a new TV and put it in the family room after we both decided that we prefer to sit in that room on the new sofa and be surrounded by the more open space versus the long narrow room that’s hard to fit groups into.  We got a new credenza that doesn’t come in a color that works with our decor, so now it’s on the list of things to spray paint when things warm up.  I nagged the heck out of Craig and my Father-in-Law and they capped off the hole in the ceiling and wrapped the island last weekend.  Since Craig’s going to be out of town this weekend at a match, I shall be focusing on trying to get the darn thing finished so we can be ready to install a counter top once I find the perfect piece of soapstone.  Oh, and maybe try tackling that MOUNTAIN of laundry that I’ve been avoiding.  Ugh. Not as much fun as using a steam mop to make sure my floors are clean enough to eat off of.

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