An update on the flooring situation

A few weeks ago, I gleefully began blogging about our flooring install.  And it really does look nice.  But it’s still not done.  Sure, most of everything has been completed…. but not everything!  Week one involved tearing up the carpet in the main area of our house, laying tile through most of that area, and grouting most of it.  The edges of the hallway were left untiled, a 2 foot strip in our kitchen was also bare, and the area where our stair to the sunken living room is remained unfinished.  I get it, tile is time consuming.  By the first Friday, most stuff had been grouted, and we were able to move our living room furniture back, as the contractor had a previously scheduled trade show to attend the entire following week. I intended to take some photos of everything, but then didn’t, so I’ll include random photos that I’ve taken over the last few days with my phone, because who wants to read a blog post without photos?

Dog lying on green shag rug

Something that I was expecting, but not expecting to be quite so… extreme?  How loud the house is without carpet.  Like… really loud.  It felt like we were in a gymnasium.  So that Saturday, I cleaned every last bit of grout residue off the floor, and got some rugs.  Avocado shag rugs to be exact.  We’ve decided not to waste money on expensive rugs for the house, as they will eventually (as with the old carpet) get dog-y.  And it’s much easier to feel OK about parting with something that you purchased as a temporary item to serve a purpose until it’s usefulness is no longer(or the thought of touching it to clean it makes you queasy).  Like cheap tupperware. So I felt great about buying (admittedly) intense avocado shag rugs, because if we don’t like them in 2 years?  We were gonna get rid of them anyway.

Grout color swatches
We chose “Sable Brown” as our grout color… the darkest brown they had.

Anyway, last week, the contractor came back and got to work tearing out the carpet in our sunken living room and getting that tiled.  Then, little by little, he chipped away at getting the kitchen done, hallway, etc.  He was out part of this week, and last night installed the transition strips at the door thresholds where we have carpet.  There is still a pretty fair amount of grout work that needs to be done.  And he still needs to finish the stairs.  And several tiles still need to be ripped up and re-laid.  They either got stepped on when the thinset was wet or are warped enough that they just won’t lay flat.  Then all of those areas need to be mortared, sit for a few days, and then the whole house needs to be sealed.  He claims he’ll be done on Saturday.  Perhaps he meant NEXT Saturday, because he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of completing all of that in the several hours he’ll be at our house.  Anyway…. HOPEFULLY things will be more-or-less back to normal.  In the mean time, I have coerced my father in law to take down the old dining room fixture and install the 2 pendant lights above the table, and hopefully early next week the special paneling material that we’re wrapping the island in will be delivered.  If you know anyone who wants our old fixture… tell them to come get it!

Sleeping Malamutes
We’ve had to increase our numbers of dog beds now that there’s not really anything soft for the dogs to curl up on anymore.

So while things are more-or-less put together, everything will once again need to be moved for the grout sealing, and we still need to install all-new trim, so I still feel like we’re camping just a little bit.

Light Fixture
One of the sockets doesn’t work… but hey, it’s free!

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